Maddy (madddy) wrote in aussie_garden,

Plant Suggestion Help!

I recently got a new house, quite a few acres.. lots of room to play with.
However, the soil isn't that great, and there is very very little water.
I'm in Queensland, near Esk, around 1 hour from Brisbane city.
Winters are freezing, summers are boiling.
The area I'm trying to design is in full sun all day, but I can have man made shade if totally necessary.
My colour scheme is greens, deep purples, deep reds etc.
I'd like to have bird attracting species, butterflies.. that kind of thing.
I'd like some flowers, but don't mind if some are just nice leafy plants.

So basically I'm looking for names of plants, trees, shrubs, whatever that would suit the above.
I have no problem with slow growing trees, as I own this property and don't plan on moving for a very long period of time.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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