- Díbeartach (the_old_soul) wrote in aussie_garden,
- Díbeartach

Indoor garden

At the moment, I sleep in a garden in the attic. Mostly a herb garden, it's taken quite a beating lately with the aphids and so all the insecticide I had to spray around. It's definitely due for an upgrade. The attic is warm being North facing, gets a lot of sun and is under tin roofing, so adding to both hot and cold. Most of the plants are young herbs in pots, so I was hoping to get a bit more activity in there besides conventional pot plants. I’d like some trees, creepers, more herbs and anything else that could take the climate, and the fact it's indoors. I like most of my plants to serve some kind of purpose, like chamomile for tea, oregano for sauces, avocado trees for fruit, the like. Does anyone have any idea what I could put in, given the conditions?

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