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- Díbeartach

New Garden

Now I really am going to get my act together and build a garden that is outside. Since it's warming up and Spring up here usually means much-needed rain, it's probably a good time.
The thing is planning. I live in the Blue Mountains, NSW, so we do get some decent frosts and cold winds. I'm very much into herbs, and have sage, marjoram, oregano, curry plant, mugwort, yarrow, comfrey, corriander, lemonbalm, mint, rue, thyme, bramhi, elderflower, feverfew, rosemary, bergamot, catnip, wormwood and parsely already. I have a small sweet basil, but it looks like it might be on the way out. I also have a tomato and a french lavender to stick in somewhere.
I want the focus to be veges and herbs, posibly some frost tolerant citrus fruit like lemon. The space I have is a 20 by 15 foot rectangle for which I plan to have some good soil brought in to build it up, as well as the goodies from my compost tumbler and worm farm.
My question is mainly this : Where can you find out about which fruit, vegetable and herb plants are suitable for your corner of Australia, and if I have to take things into consideration like building a shelter to keep frost off, companion planting or whatever. Generally how to manage a successful Aussie vege garden in the space I have, and in NSW climate.
Er ... any ideas?
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